Steps to becoming an investor

Investing in real estate is a good way to balance your financial portfolio. You can do this by investing in real estate related stocks or trusts, or you can own your own property in your own town, where you can have more control over the investment. If this sounds good to you the best place to start is to educate yourself about the opportunities and risks associated with investing. We at Bastion REALTORS® have regular classes explaining the pros and cons of becoming an investor.

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What are the investing strategies?

There are many strategies in which to pursue. Some folks would like to buy and hold their property for rental, some would prefer to buy, repair, and resell. Some investors just find the deals and "wholesale" the deal for a fee. Many times the property will dictate which strategy is most profitable. Some who consider real estate as an investment vehicle will decide to become a lender and their loan becomes backed by real estate. Whichever strategy you decide, agents at Bastion REALTORS® will help you get comfortable.

How does it work?

Many properties are listed in the local MLS and can be found easily through your Bastion agent, however, there are scores of properties to be discovered before they reach the public market. Contact us to learn about these strategies and which one works for you.

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